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Mackey Chandler

Well, I could say: I love his books, his way of thinking or getting you to think things over.
But since his books are one of those I love rereading over and over, that seems a better compliment than giving adjectives.

There are two series and a few standalones/novellas, but these are my favourites (so this is no complete list of his works):

April series
01 April
02 Down to Earth
03 The Middle of Nowhere
04 A Different Perspective
05 A Depth of Understanding
06 And What Goes Around
07 They Said it would be Easy
08 It's Always Something
09 A Sudden Departure
10 Been There, Done That

Family Law series
01 Family Law
02 The long Voyage of the Little Fleet
03 Secrets in the Stars
04 A Hop, Skip and a Jump

Paper or plastic?
Common Ground and Other Stories

Going Up? ... and Other Stories
Adverse Possession: A Short Story
No Early Birds: A Short Story - About Time
Neighter Here nor There

I myself started with Family Law and later on with April.
There will be a crossover for the April series in the few hundred years later setting of the Family Law series - but both are in the future of our Earth.
Both series start with the main character (April and Lee) beeing female and as a child.
Don't let that be an hindrance for you - they will be growing up.
But if you're addicted to passionate sex scenes, you won't find those and have to use your own fantasy.
Both series offer a lot technical advance and with Family Law there will be aliens too.

Paper or plastic? is unfortunately a standalone, I love the characters and wouldn't mind reading more about them and reaching for the stars. The main character is male and the story evolves around meeting, helping out an alien female and... (hah, no more spoilers).

But for being able to read his books, you should check on following:

  • You must be open to cultural, religious and even more to political differences.
  • You should be able to see both sides (and maybe between).
  • You should have an open mind since different people have different truths.

If you checked all that with a yes - read them.
If you checked all that with 1 or more no's - read them nevertheless and work more on the "have an open mind" part.

You can reach the author, check on progress or leave comments on his website:

-updated 30.08.2018-

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