Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

M. K. Eidem (under construction)

Choosing my 2nd favourite author haven't been as easy, believe me.
But that's her and I will add more soon.
... Ok, the soon-part took me a while, but here it is. (still under construction)

And again, here are my favourites - and this should be actually a complete list:

Tornians series
1,0 Grim
1,5 A Grim Holiday (Novella)
2,0 Wray
3,0 Ynyr
3,5 Oryon

Kaliszian series (connected to Tornians)
01 Nikhil
02 Treyvon

Imperial Light series
01 Cassandra's Challenge
02 Victoria's Challenge
03 Jacinda's Challenge

01 Love Without Boundaries (Anthology with different authors/by Eidem: Oryon)
02 Bound By Heat: A Dragon Shifter Anthology (different authors/by Eidem: Kirall's Kiss)
03 Kirall's Kiss
04 Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 (Antholgy by different authors, release prox. 10.10.2017/by Eidem: A Grim Pet)


Authors Website:

The series "Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space" is an Anthology project by different (and some of my other favourite) authors.
There was also the first book "Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space: Cats, Dogs, and Other Worldly Creatures", but it seems beeing no more available.

-updated 03.09.2017-

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