Sonntag, 3. September 2017

The next author will be...

... even more difficult.

My Kindle acutally shows me an alarmingly rate of 1.380 books, and that doesn't include my paperbacks in my cupboards and my (not touched since years) books in cardboards, books I had before or got lent or have been lending myself.
Though I must confess there are 223 books unread (on my Kindle, and a few more in my cupboard...) or not read completely, since they started boring me or just haven't been as interesting as on the day I got them.
But it shows definitely: I love reading.

I enjoy also audio books, but those are still below 20 and usually I buy them while owning the books with a pleasant voice of narrator/s.

So here I am and you certainly understand my difficulty.
There are just too many awesome books and authors.

I think the next one will be Shelly Laurenston & G.A. Aiken (both the same).
since you just have to love and laugh reading her books, though... more later then!

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